Kenneth Kirsch







Kenneth Kirsch

Kenneth Kirsch

Acrylic Paintings on Canvas


Kenneth was born and lives in Toronto Canada.
He received a Graphic Design education from Seneca College of Art and Design in the late 1970s
and has since had a very successful career in Graphics and Advertising in Toronto.

Working in the Art and Advertising departments of such historic Canadian institutions as
The T. Eaton Company (Eaton's), The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) with Gray Coach Lines Ltd.
and Rous Mann & Brigden's Photo Engravers (of which Tom Thomson and The Canadian Group of Seven's J.E.H MacDonald, Fred Varley, Arthur Lismer and AJ Casson were all previously employed).

In the early nineties, a merger and acquisition
of Ken's own downtown Toronto graphic design company Pinpoint Design Studios
with Grey Canada International Advertising Agency,
has since allowed Ken to devote his passion for painting professionally.

Working with acrylic on stretched canvas,
Ken paints the Canadian Landscape that he knows and loves
in his own unique realism style.

Kenneth has participated in well over 40 Art Show's and Events in over 37 years and has earned much acclaim with many newspaper articles and radio and television interviews.

Most recently receiving the "Top Ten" honours at the prestigious Canadian McMichael Collections 2015 Annual Autumn Art Show and Sale in Kleinburg Ontario (home to The Canadian Group of Seven).
Receiving "Best of Show" in 2014!
Kenneth was again honoured in 2014 with "Recognition of Distinction" from the Alumni at his old school, Seneca College of Art and Design.

His paintings may be seen in hundreds of fine art galleries and private art collections internationally, at an ever increasing demand and price.


The Voyageur by Kenneth Kirsch


Winterland by Kenneth Kirsch


West Dejardin Bay by Kenneth Kirsch


Snake River Yukon by Kenneth Kirsch


Rock Washed by Kenneth Kirsch


Riding Sunset Beach by Kenneth Kirsch


Pine on the Point by Kenneth Kirsch


Mountain Dusk by Kenneth Kirsch


Evening Calm II by Kenneth Kirsch


Yukon Spring by Kenneth Kirsch


Beechey Point by Kenneth Kirsch


Tropical Sunset by Kenneth Kirsch


Summer Wind by Kenneth Kirsch


Killarney Canoe by Kenneth Kirsch


The Rock at Goldstein's Moose Lake by Kenneth Kirsch


Cold Smoke by Kenneth Kirsch


Face to the Morning by Kenneth Kirsch


Early Evening Paddle aka Paddle Muskoka by Kenneth M Kirsch


Gone Fishing by Kenneth M Kirsch


Windswept by Kenneth M Kirsch


Tranquility by Kenneth M Kirsch


Auburn Evening by Kenneth M Kirsch


Killarney by Kenneth M Kirsch


Dockside by Kenneth M Kirsch


Smoke on the Water by Kenneth M Kirsch


Yellow Canoe by Kenneth M Kirsch


Into the Mistic by Kenneth Kirsch


Matthew's Paddle by Kenneth Kirsch


Kiss of Fall by Kenneth Kirsch


Autumn Dream by Kenneth Kirsch


Snowy River by Kenneth Kirsch


Wildrush by Kenneth Kirsch


A Quiet Time by Kenneth M Kirsch


Silent Retreat by Kenneth M Kirsch


Spider Lake Pond by Kenneth M Kirsch


Spider Lake Paddle by Kenneth M Kirsch


Clear Contentment by Kenneth M Kirsch


Le Hayes Island by Kenneth M Kirsch


Reflection on the Bay by Kenneth M Kirsch


Red Canoe by Kenneth M Kirsch


Quiet Reflections by Kenneth M Kirsch


Awakening by Kenneth M Kirsch


Evening Paddle by Kenneth M Kirsch


Philip Edward Island by Kenneth M Kirsch


Waters Edge by Kenneth M Kirsch


After the Crossing by Kenneth M Kirsch


Contemplation of Tom Thomson by Kenneth Kirsch


Vimy Ridge by Kenneth Kirsch